Research questions | First

Below are my first set of research questions for the thesis Print: A survival game. They are very vague and these were before after my first submission of an abstract and paper structure I decided to change the thesis to ‘The survival of the printed poster’ focusing on the printed poster and its presence in the 21st century with the introduction of the digital screen.

Research questions

  1. Can poster print survive the digital era?

With the development and growth of technology since the 1990’s to this current day. Is there any hope for the printed poster? Can it survive?

Will poster print rise above it’s competitors in the digital era we now live in or will it fail to thrive and collapse under the pressure of its extension?

Technology is thriving and becoming more of everyday life. Will technology poison the minds of the next generation of young designers and steer them away from traditional poster print methods?

What are the posing factors that print will thrive and survive and/or fall to the hands of technology?


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